Values for the Special Waste Recovery

A code of ethics that ensures full transparency of the company in the activity of recovery of special waste

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Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics, which is an ethics and behavioural point of reference for all stakeholders towards R.M.B. S.p.A., identifies all recipients and defines both the ethical principles and specific rules of conduct by which all recipients must abide.

Certain that the efficient performance of our business cannot and shall not disregard the strict abidance of the ethical principles stated in our Code of Ethics, we kindly ask that you take it into due consideration and comply with the principles and rules it contains.

President of the Board of Directors
Antonio Amato.

In line with the values and principles of conduct on which it has always based its work, RMB constantly pays attention to the expectations of its interlocutors and takes into remarkable consideration the ethical aspects of its activities.

In this context, R.M.B. S.p.A. has put in place a system, which is constantly perfected and developed, to lessen the risks that any form of irregularity in the performance of company activities may occur, as well as to limit the danger of committing violations as written in the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

As stated in this Decree, the Organisation, Management, and Control model has been designed, prepared and approved and the Code of Ethics is its integral and fundamental part. Moreover a Supervisory Body has also been appointedto check the operation of and compliance with the model.


hi-tech plants that can separate the different metallic fractions (ferrous and

non-ferrous) contained inside incoming waste.


recovery and recycling of waste, notably metals:

core business of RMB more than 30 years


RMB is registered in the White List as a virtuous company thanks to the Integrated System for Quality, the Code of Ethics, the adoption of the model of organization, management and control of D.L. 231/2001.

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