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RMB and the environment

Economic development and the concept of wellness tied to consumerism have led to a notable increase in the problem of waste management. This is a situation that can only be contained through awareness, prevention, and caution, considering waste not as something to be disposed of but as a genuine resource.

The waste crisis that is becoming an environmental emergency is the natural consequence of an incorrect growth process, based on a “linear” model that includes the production of a commodity, its uses and in the end, its abandonment.

This management, which ceaselessly weighs on our natural resources, has now become unsustainable and therefore, passing to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, based on the application of re-using, recycling, and recovering material and energy, has become urgently necessary, cutting landfill waste as far as possible. RMB is working constantly in the direction of a circular economy, in the awareness that effort is required from all parties if we are to pursue and put this philosophy into practice. Every day, it supports the idea of re-using and recycling through firm initiatives and company policies that have been taken care of in every detail, adopting innovative business models, and investing in perfecting production efficiency with a constant eye on the “sustainability” of the entire processing line.


hi-tech plants that can separate the different metallic fractions (ferrous and

non-ferrous) contained inside incoming waste.


recovery and recycling of waste, notably metals:

core business of RMB more than 30 years


RMB is registered in the White List as a virtuous company thanks to the Integrated System for Quality, the Code of Ethics, the adoption of the model of organization, management and control of D.L. 231/2001.

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