Preliminary checks on waste that can enter the system

RMB carries out preliminary checks on waste that can enter the system with the support of an accredited laboratory checking the compliance of waste

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Incoming materials
We can sum this up into the following macro categories:

  1. shells of scrapped vehicles and engines,
  2. ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials from mechanical selection and screening (e.g., scrap from crushing motor vehicles and scrap in general) or other materials containing metal fractions;
  3. materials containing metals from recycled urban waste;
  4. inert materials from recovery operations on excavated land and rocks, and materials from reclamation of contaminated land or waste containing fractions similar to sand or lithoids, and inert materials, compatible for the formulation of products in construction and/or road building sectors;
  5. bottom ash from waste-to-energy plants;
  6. other materials containing recyclable fractions.
RMB carries out preliminary checks on waste that can enter the system, with the support (if necessary) of an accredited laboratory, checking the compliance of waste to the acceptance specifications set down in its own procedures.

Incoming materials, according to their product characteristics, are sent to the most suitable production section for processing. They are then screened and the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated using magnets and/or magnetic belts, or induced current (eddy flows), optical selectors, vibrating belts or manual sorting.


hi-tech plants that can separate the different metallic fractions (ferrous and

non-ferrous) contained inside incoming waste.


recovery and recycling of waste, notably metals:

core business of RMB more than 30 years


RMB is registered in the White List as a virtuous company thanks to the Integrated System for Quality, the Code of Ethics, the adoption of the model of organization, management and control of D.L. 231/2001.

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