Crushing systems for recovery of ferrous scrape

The crushing systems are an essential stage in the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrape and the possible production of SRM

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Crushing sections

As it leaves the mill, the crushed material is collected onto a conveyor belt to clean away the light parts using air flow. It then passes into a section fitted with magnetic belts to separate the ferrous metals, inert/sterile materials and non-ferrous metals. Each part is then collected in a specific box so that it can be sent on for further processing or storage.

The crushing mill has a dedicated dust extraction system, fitted with a separation cyclone for larger dust particles, a wet scrubber served by two Venturi towers for finer particles, and lastly, active carbon filters, anticipating, with regard to this type of processing, adaptation to the BATs, soon to be issued.

The crushing systems - i.e., compacting and separation - are an essential stage in the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scrape and the possible production of SRM.

RMB has two crushing plants, one of which is preceded by a pre-grinding system used for rough, even crushing of mixed, voluminous waste and motor vehicles due for demolition. This process serves to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from lightweight materials such as rubber, plastic and wood.

Recyclable material, which can consist, for example, of vehicles and engine blocks, are fed into the pre-grinder using a spider crane, for the first compacting operation before entering directly into the crushing chamber on a special conveyor.


hi-tech plants that can separate the different metallic fractions (ferrous and

non-ferrous) contained inside incoming waste.


recovery and recycling of waste, notably metals:

core business of RMB more than 30 years


RMB is registered in the White List as a virtuous company thanks to the Integrated System for Quality, the Code of Ethics, the adoption of the model of organization, management and control of D.L. 231/2001.

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