Sorting, selection, separation for recovery ferrous metals

The system can separate metals from inert/sterile materials such as rubber, plastic and wood.

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Selection and screening
Selection and screening materials

Ultimately, at the end of the process and according to the materials fed into the system, the selected materials may consist of mixed metals, steel, rubber and iron, and according to the product characteristics, these materials may be:

- sold as Secondary Raw Materials or End of Waste, provided that they meet the relevant product and chemical and physical criteria;

- sent as waste for other definitive recycling/disposal operations by duly authorised external plants;

- sent as intermediate product to other systems within the RMB platform (for example, to the manual sorting section to separate the different metals).

All processes are performed with due care and attention to safeguarding the environment; in fact, the selection and screening processes are all monitored by a suitable emission containment system.

Selection and screening ferrous and non-ferrous metals

The plant is doubtless representative of RMB’s excellence. In fact, the sorting, selection, separation and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals are the company’s main activities. The latest in modern technology together with thirty years of experience, have made it possible to achieve the highest recovery standards, even for the finest parts.

RMB has an articulated section, consisting of different systems in sequence, to perform dedicated selections of different types of material. The system can separate metals from inert/sterile materials such as rubber, plastic, and wood. The physical principle of selection makes use of eddy currents, magnetic systems, optical recognition and air separation systems.

The following recycling stages are carried out by applying successive processes:

Separation of ferrous metals;

Separation of non-ferrous metals;

Manual sorting of recyclable materials.

recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

hi-tech plants that can separate the different metallic fractions (ferrous and

non-ferrous) contained inside incoming waste.


recovery and recycling of waste, notably metals:

core business of RMB more than 30 years


RMB is registered in the White List as a virtuous company thanks to the Integrated System for Quality, the Code of Ethics, the adoption of the model of organization, management and control of D.L. 231/2001.

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